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E-Bike Dynamometer!

Femco inc. designed and supplied the new state-of-the-art dynamometer for tests of drive and electrical performance of EBikes according to new International Standards for road vehicles including EPACs and/or PAS. Pedelecs - all sort of motorized bicycles, tricycles, quadricycles, cargo -bikes and so on) with or without pedal combination expect great market chances.

전기자전거 동력계

미래엔진(주)는 최근에 자전거용 차대동력계를 설계 제작 납품하여 최근 수요가 크게 늘고 있는 (전기)자전거, 스쿠터, 오토바이, 카고바이크, ATV (2륜, 3륜, 4륜) 등 사람과 화물 운송장비에 대한 인증시험에 활용 되도록 하였습니다.

Target types of vehicles

  • Two-Wheeled, Three-Wheeled, or Four-Wheeled Vehicles, Motor-/Engine- or Human-Powered
  • Pedal Cycles
  • MOPED - 2 Wheels, 3 Wheels
  • Pedelecs
  • PAB: Power Assisted Bicycles.
  • Electric powered bicycles
  • Electric-assisted bicycles
  • Motor driven cycle
  • Motorcycle
  • (Foot) Scooter
  • motorized bicycles
  • Ebikes or whaever they call

Target Regulations

  • EN 15194 Standard for Electrically powered, assisted cycles
  • EU Regulation on Motorcycle Type Approval
  • Austrailia: Australian Design Rules (ADRs)
  • Canada's Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (MVSR)
  • China
  • Phillipines: Memorandum Circular 721-2006
  • UK:
  • US: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Act

eBike dynamometer
successfully delivered and tested by KTC.


  • Three independently controlled drive units for front-/rear- and pedal-powered drive

  • Speed up to 40 km/h, drive (or absorbing) power up to 800 W Or, Customer selected max. speed (up to 120 km/hr / max power (up to 25kW)

  • Accurate readout and calculation of speed, torque, engine rating and level of efficiency

  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiation with load of 75% ± 10% according to CISPR12

  • Measurement of electromagnetic immunity with condition 90% of assistance speed

  • Simulations of up-hill/down-hill drive with regenerative drive braking

  • Max. Speed determination

eBike dynamometer-version2
1st Revision.


  • Dynamometer / Drive Motor: AC Asynchronous Servo for front-/rear-wheel and and optional pedal drive motor

  • Rolls for the wheels: single or twin roll type with roll diameter 100 ~ 250 mm

  • In-line torque meter for each motor

  • Press down passenger weight simulation kit with loadcell

  • Test bed table: Front-rear roll distance adjusting mechanism

  • Optional robot pedaling system with position adjustment mechanism

  • PLC based manual control system FEMCON-PLC
  • Optional PC based automatic test system including user definable data acquisition system

eBike dynamometer-version2
2nd Version.
eBike dynamometer PLC Controller
eBike Dynamometer PLC Controller

eBike dynamometer Controller PLC
PLC Based eBike Dynamometer Controller
eBike dynamometer PC Controller
eBike Dynamometer PC Controller plus Optional DAQ

Table 1: eBike Dynamometer Features and Customer Benefits:

Power Absorber:

• Motors: Brushless synchronous or Induction servomotors
• Rated power: 500 ~ 2,500 W each
• Rated torque: 4.0 ~ 50 Nm each
• Braking power: variable up to the max rated power

• Voltage: 220 ~ 380 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2/3-phase
• Current consumption: max. 80 A
• Operation Temp.: +10°C to +35°C

Test Features:

• Wheelbase Adjustment
- Drive Directions to fit FWD / RWD
- Test Weight Load up to 350 kg
- Speed Control
- Torque Control
- Road Load Control
- Coast Down Simulation
- Bike restraint to the dynamometer
- Pedal Motion Simulation Robot

Test Vehicles:

+ Any Bicycles - Pedal-only, Pedal Assisted Electric or Electric Assisted. Pedelecs
+ Any Tricycles like above.
+ Any Quadricycles like above
+ RWD / FWD or Hybrid
+ Any Cargobikes

eBike dynamometer Loadcell Unit
eBike Passenger Weight simulation Loadcell.
      Dynamometers (or Dyno for short):
  • provide consistent feedback and results of a motors performance and characteristics.
    • torque (Nm), simulated on the surface of the roll by servo motor
    • rotation speed (rpm>, simulation controlled by the motor rotation
    • power (w) Power (W) = Torque (N.m) x Speed (RPM) / 9.5488

Future Engine and Motor Company
Femco inc.

• Dynamometers
• Test Rigs
• Torque Meter
• Coriolis Flow Meters
• Papa Cargobikes.
• In-Sink Food Drier.

Future Engine and Motor Company
Femco inc.

• Dynamometers
• Test Rigs
• Torque Meter
• Coriolis Flow Meters
• Papa Cargobikes.
• In-Sink Food Drier.