New!! In-Sink Food Drier ! !

신개념 음식물처리기 소개! !

In-Sink Food Drier-Clean Sink Image
This clean and nice kitchen sink needs ONE more solution to be perfect
- A Smart Garbage Handler-damazzo!!!
In-Sink Food Drier
Proudly designed by Jay Ha, Femco inc.

In-Sink Food Recovery kit by Femco inc. help make kitchen cleanup fast so you get
back to doing the things you love. With an InSinkRecovery kit, you’ll have a cleaner,
fresher kitchen & more time to enjoy life. It does NOT grind and dispose valuable
food resources into the sewer to waste natural energy resources only to add a big load
to the sewage treatment system. Instead, you can clean and dry the food garbage easily
and store it in sink until you remove it for further utilization of the dried food.

It does not spill any piece of food particles into the sewage!!

This new product can replace any sort of in sink food disposers which waste the resources
of food and water to make our life quality much better.

In-Sink Food Drier , front view
Front View of the In Sink Recovery Kit.

How our In-Sink food drier work?

InSinkFoodDrier (Damazzo) has been made a real gadget by attaching a drying food container
under a sink bowl. During your preparation of dish washing, you can put in the food garbages
into the Damazzo and you can put a cover of the Damazzo to make it dried while you are working
on the kitchen sink. The dish washing waste water will drain down to the sewage not touching
the food scraps drying slowly. The dried food will have to be removed for further utilization.
You don't need to have a separate food waste can around the kitchen with many bad results.
In-Sink Food Drier-Food Waste Container Image
You don't need this Dirty thing any more!!

From now,
  • You don't need a separate waste can in the house.
  • You don't have to grind the food to drain away.
  • You can recycle the food resources to feed chickens.
  • You can put the food waste in to a general garbage bag.

  • Food waste disposer (The food grinding and sewage flowing solution) is not the ultimate Answer!!!

    It is important to note that you cannot dump all foods into the in-sink garbage disposal. You have to read the operator’s manual before you start using your disposer. It should tell you what types of food and scraps are suitable and won’t clog or otherwise damage the FWD. Let’s review some of the most important concerns when it comes to in-sink garbage disposers.

    1. High Maintenance

    One of the most common complaints about an in-sink garbage disposal involves the unit’s maintenance requirements. Clogs can happen and they can be difficult to diagnose and fix. Depending on the problem, fixing a clogged food waste disposer may require partial disassembly to remove old food, big chunks, and so on. Some units still function even if they are clogged, which is likely to emit an unpleasant odor. You may need to use chemical cleaners to get rid of the smell and the rotting food. Citrus fruit peels can also help clear up the lingering smell after the problem was fixed. The more you use your disposer, the higher the risk for buildup of grease in pipelines, so be careful what you throw in your FWD.

    2. Responsibility for Waste Management

    Another big concern when it comes to using FWDs is the potential shift of the responsibility for food waste management from the waste industry to the water industry. In other words, we could be wasting more water in our attempts to waste less food. However, using FWDs shouldn’t replace the initiatives of reducing food waste on a global level. According to recent studies, putting food in the waste dispenser is not greener than throwing it in the trash. Meanwhile, critics fear of the impact that the prevalence of in-sink garbage disposers may have on traditional wastewater infrastructure.

    3. Environmentally Friendly or Not?

    A food waste dispenser is not the most environmentally friendly option for disposal of food and scraps. The sink’s faucet has to run constantly while you dispose of the food in the unit, which can lead to water waste. The unit also requires an electrical connection, meaning your electricity bills can experience a spike (depending on how often you use the unit and for how long). Even though some of the latest models use less water and cut down on electricity use, they tend to be more expensive than traditional FWDs.

    4. High Price

    If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, you’re probably thinking a food waste dispenser will increase your convenience. However, keep in mind that the budget for the remodeling will need to be extended to cover the cost of the unit as well as proper installation. In addition, future repair costs for the unit should also be included in the budget, because FWDs can clog. If you want to check out a comparison between the best garbage disposals of 2017, Down the Sink have put together quite a comprehensive guide.

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• In-Sink Food Drier.

Future Engine and Motor Company
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• Torque Meter
• Coriolis Flow Meters
• Papa Cargobikes.
• In-Sink Food Drier.