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FEMCO Products

FEMCO Products

  • F-dyne Dynamometers
  • FTM Torque Sensors
  • FEMCOR Coriolis Flow Meters
Products & Services FEMCO Products and Services

1.    Dynamometers / Test Benches

2.    Torque Meters Sensors /Test Benches

3.    Turbo Charger Test Solutions / Lubrication System Test Solutions
  Lambda / NOx / EGR Analyzer

Vehicle Emission Test Systems / Special EM/PM Test Solutions
Signal-Group UK제품소개

5.    VVVT-SHED / Evap System Testers

Inova Testers / Vehicle Test Rigs
7.    DAQ & NVH

8.    Climatic Test Chambers /

9.    xEV Test Solutions/
Electrification Solustions

10.    Simulation HiL MBD

11.    R&D 서비스

기술정보 및 자료



01. Engine/Motor Dynamometers, Powertrain
     Engine / Transmission /
     Electric Motor / Chassis Dynamometers

Dynamometer: Electric Motor / IC Engine Test Beds

 Dynamometers, engine & Motor

AC/PM Dynamometer Tests
1 Transient
2 Dynamic
4 Axle
5 Brake
6 Clutch
1 Engine Performance Test
2 ECU Mapping
3 Emission Test
4 Durability Test

Thermal Load Analysis


EC Dynamometer Eddy Current Dyno
  • 10~900 HP
  • Performance / Endurance
  • Emission Test

AC Motor Dynamometer


eBike Dynamometer

eBike Dynamometers

48" Emission Test Dyno Standard Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer
48" MIM AC Motor Chassis Dynamometer for Emission Tests,

  1. Regenerative Inverter Drive 48" Single Roll MIM Type
  2. Emission Tests (FTP-75, etc)
  3. Smallest pit / Cast steel frame
  4. Regenerative Inverter Drive/IGBT
  5. Road load simulation
  6. Fulfills US EPA specifications
  7. Accurate axle synchronization and automatic load distribution
  8. No warm-up required
  9. Low force hysteresis
  10. No Entry to Pit for Service

48" 샤시다이나모미터 차대동력계

Control Types:
  • Speed control
  • Tractive force control
  • Drive simulation, road load simulation
  • vehicle mass inertia simulation
  • static friction (per wheel)
  • tyre slip (per wheel)
  • steering angle
  • Coast Down
  • Differential control
  • Phase relation control-L/R wheel

Special Dynamometer Applications
Special Purpose Chassis Dynamometer

  1. 4x4 (4WD) Chassis Dynamometer
  2. Special Applications:
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Climatic Chamber
  • Mileage Accumulation (MACD)
  • Heavy Duty Truck Dynamometer
  • ASM Dynamometers
  • Motorcycle Dynamometer
  • Hub-Dynamometer
  • Towing Dynamometer
  • Single/Double axle roller test rig

특수용도 차대동력계

Control and Automation
Dynamometer Control System, Test Cell Automation System

  1. EC/AC Engine Dynamometer Control
  2. Powertrain Dynamometer Control System
  3. Emission Host Integrated
  4. ASAM Standards Complied
  5. Control/Monitoring
  6. Data Acquisition Integrated
  7. Remote Interfaces: RS-232 (CAN,TCP/IP)
  8. Interfaces to actuators (Throttle Actuators, Gear Shift Robot or Others) with RS-232


엔진동력계 제어 시스템



Gearbox, Powertrain, TM, Axle, Brake
Transmission Gearbox Powertrain Test Bench Gearbox Test Rigs

  1. Transmission Dynamometer
  2. Axle& Differential, Clutch Dynamometer
  3. Tire Slip Simulation
  4. Torque Converter Test Bench
    우력 변환기 동력계
  5. Prime Mover
  6. Universal Gear Test Rigs
  7. Truck Rear Axle Gear Test Rigs
  8. Truck Gearbox Test rigs
  9. Transfer Case Test Rigs

TM동력계 구성도

Vehicle Simulation, Road Load Simulator
Throttle Actuators, Torque Measurement

  1. Vehicle Simulation
  2. Road Load Test System
  3. Dynamic Torque Flange, Torque Meters

Vehicle Moving Characteristics Simulator, Road Load Simulation
Throttle Actuator, Torque Measurement


Dynamometer Testcell Hardware
Test Cell Accessories

1. WTC T1~4 Water Temperature Controller
2. OTC T1~4 Lube Oil Temperature Control System
3. FTC T1~4 Fuel Temperature / Pressure Control System
4. Flow-i Engine Intake Air Flow Meter
5. Flow-e Exhaust Gas Flow Meter
6. Flow-b Blow By Meter
8. Flow-fm Fuel Consumption Meter, Mass Flow Fuel Flow Measuring System
9. Flow-fg Fuel Meter, Volumetric
11. Sens-P, T Sensors: Pressure, Temperature
12. Plate T-slot Base Plate
13. Stands Stands
14. Coupling Flexible Coupling, Shaft Damper
15. Shaft Shaft / Protective Guards
16. Actuators Throttle, Gear, Injector Pump, Pedal
17. Weather Weatherstation
18. Boom Signal Boom Box, Wall Box, Boom Post



엔진시험실 부대장치

엔진동력계 시험실 부대장치

Engine/Motor Dynamometer
Dynamometer (engine and eMotor Test Bench)


Torque Sensors on Dyno Shaft..



Embedded Torque Sensor..



FTM200-Non Contact Torque Sensors..


Wheel Torque Sensor

FTMwheel-100 Wheel Torque Sensor...


Wheel Torque Sensor

Bi-Directional Torque Sensor...


PTO Torque Sensor

PTO Shaft Torque Sensor...


PTO Torque Sensor

PAS eBike Pedal Torque Sensor...






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